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October 09 2013

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bored <3
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love this fandom!
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My boyfriend. He asked if I was off my period and this is how he indirectly described it..


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10 Pieces Of "Sherlock" Merch You Need Right Now

Just a little something to get fellow Sherlockians through the Sher-lack of new episodes. And because the holidays are coming up. Hey, if Walmart can mention it, so can I.

1. Cluedo: Sherlock Edition. It’s Clue, it’s Sherlock. What more do you need?

Cluedo: sherlock edition. it’s clue, it’s sherlock. what more do you need?

It’s Mrs. Hudson. With the candlestick. In The Tower of London.

2. Sherlock Living Room Wallpaper.

Sherlock living room wallpaper.

Make yourself at home in 221B Baker St. with the Navarre Flock wallpaper pattern in Dark Chocolate from the NUREYEV collection by Zoffany. It’s a bit expensive at around $128 (£80) per roll but it’s totally worth it. Luckily, they ship to multiple countries including the U.S. and U.K.

3. If the above wallpaper is too expensive, try these awesome shoes for $70.

If the above wallpaper is too expensive, try these awesome shoes for $70.

You won’t be bored in these.

4. Fancy a cuppa?

Fancy a cuppa?

Buy it here.

5. I’m not your housekeeper, but you’ll probably need some coasters.

I’m not your housekeeper, but you’ll probably need some coasters.

6. Be the King (or Queen) in this delightful RedBubble T-shirt, available in 21 colors.

Be the king (or queen) in this delightful redbubble t-shirt , available in 21 colors.

You know you just said it in his voice.

7. Hopefully, you choose the right one.

Hopefully, you choose the right one.

Buy it here. There’s also a set of two, in case you’re not feeling too clever.

8. Sterling silver IOU Apple Earrings.

Sterling silver iou apple earrings .

For the Moriarty fangirl in us all.

9. This made-to-order wallet/clutch that features “cameos of Sherlock and Watson, along with great quotes from the tv show.”

This made-to-order wallet/clutch that features “cameos of sherlock and watson, along with great quotes from the tv show.”

According to the website, it includes “six credit card slots, with the capacity to hold two to three cards per slot. Two pockets for papers, coupons, checkbook, etc. And a zipper compartment for coins and any other items you want to keep extra secure. The closure is a anorak snap.”

Instead of an anorak snap, a magnetic snap can be substituted.

10. And finally, who wouldn’t want Sherlock’s face right there?

And finally, who wouldn't want sherlock’s face right there?

This panty set is available in thongs, bikinis and boyshorts.

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